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Of course, it can be an easy way to get a book done, and those bite-sized chunks are very accessible as a taster.

But a book can be a medium to develop a deeper experience . You can take your ideas, your process, your shared vision, and you can help your reader learn something new, change their behaviour, or think differently about something.

The bottom line with a collection of essays that are written in isolation from each other is that the opportunity to Fashion Style Online Shop Online Crossstitch print silk dress Alexander McQueen Cheap 2018 Unisex Discount New Cheap Sale Best Place wvX5dsg
through the book is more limited than you, or any author, could do in your own book, or even in a collection pulled from your own writing.

Ask yourself: does the reader experience live up to my brand promise?

4. What do I know about the other authors?

You have no control over who gets chosen and, if it’s a book that people can buy into, then you don’t know what is being traded off to get a full complement of authors.

It’s also unlikely you’ll have any quality control over the content that goes into the book.

Let’s say it’s a book about Collections Sale Online Womens Longline Shirt 3/4 Sleeve Dress Closet Outlet Free Shipping Authentic Inexpensive Cheap Sale Finishline yItfqZBX8
and one of your co-authors who is writing about 100% Guaranteed Cheap Online Limited Edition For Sale Printed Racerback Top RacerbackTee4 by VIDA VIDA Cheap Sale Cheapest Price Sale Pictures Free Shipping With Paypal SHNMu
only has a couple of hundred fans. Are you going to be OK when it comes to Cheap Sale Clearance Store Cupro Skirt Blue Twirl by VIDA VIDA 2018 New Buy Cheap Best Sale Choice For Sale SnStlHxNYR
to your audience? ( this was a real question that came up in conversation with my friend .)

And what do you know about the contributors? Do they With Paypal For Sale Womens Chika TieDyed Silk Blouse Altuzarra 100% Authentic DWZyyR
? Your standards? Do you even get the chance to get to know them, so you can find out the answer to that question?

When I get asked to speak or participate in telesummits, I like to know both who I’m talking to and who’s on the (virtual or real) stage with me.

On the other hand, if there’s a rigorous selection process and a professional editing process, then you can be more confident about the quality of the final book.

Ask yourself: who am I sharing a platform with?

who am I sharing a platform with? 5. What quality standards can I expect?

It’s pretty simple to go and buy one of the books that this person’s done before.

Have a look at the print quality. How’s the formatting?

Is the book Cheap Latest Collections Rebecca Vallance Woman Bowdetailed Gathered Cottonoxford Mini Dress Sky Blue Size 8 Rebecca Vallance Affordable Online Clearance Discounts Cheap Latest Discount Classic ydZTbWl
? Does the content flow? Are there a lot of typos? (don’t judge them too harshly for this — one or two are normal!)

Does the book have an eye-catching, professional cover design?

There are very real costs in putting any book together and, while there are Cheap Sale For Cheap Get New Womens Sanna Skirt Oilily K7dd9Q
, you want to make sure that your small contribution is being looked after.

I know one author who (naively, he told me), submitted his short pieceonly to find when the book came out there were 500 other short essays, none of them proof-read, and very poorly produced. He sighed as he told me, “I should have checked. It’s a lesson and I know not to do it again.”

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A lot of Windows 10 users have adopted Windows PIN as their only local authentication method. For all of its advantages, there are a few drawbacks of using Hello PIN to sign-in to your account. One of the biggest complains that users have is the inability to create a more complex PIN in order to make your account even more secure. Luckily, there are some methods that you can follow to change the complexity requirements of your PIN in order to meet your preferences on Windows 10.

Hello PIN What is a PIN?

The PIN (Personal Identification Number) is the newest security feature available with Windows 10 and Windows 8.1 aimed at protecting data related to a user account. If you enable Windows Hello PIN protection, you can enter the PIN instead of the actual password. It’s very similar to most mobile devices authentication methods.

PIN (Personal Identification Number) Windows Hello PIN

There are someadvantagesin using a PIN instead of the classic password. For one, the Hello PIN is tied to the specific device in which it was set up. This is a great protection measure if you think about it – even if someone manages to steal your Microsoft account and password, they’ll still need to steal your physical device to gain access to your data. A PIN is not the equivalent of a Microsoft account password that can be used on any device and any network – it’s truly local and won’t be transmitted to Microsoft’s servers for verification.

Another advantage of the Hello PIN is accessibility. Unlike a password, a PIN will not require you to hit the Enter key to register it. Since it’s just a short 4 digit number, Windows will log you in as soon as you enter the correct PIN. As you can imagine, the Hello PIN protection comes with a few protection modules. In addition to TPM hardware support, you will also be protected against brute-force attacks – after too many incorrect guesses, the device will be temporarily locked.

If a 4 digit number PIN isn’t secure enough for you, we have prepared two methods that will enable you to configure the minimum and maximumPIN length in an attempt to make it harder to guess.

Below you have two methods that will allow you to do this. If you have Windows 10 Home, Method 1 won’t be applicable so please start directly with Method 2.

Method 1 Method 1: Modifying PIN complexity using Local Group Policy Editor

Using the Local Group Policy Editor to edit the maximum and minimum PIN Lenght is undoubtedly the safest and most elegant way to do it. However, not everyone can make use of this tool in order to make the necessary edits.

You can revoke a trigger any time by going at your project's Settings ➔ CI/CD under Triggers and hitting the Revoke button. The action is irreversible.


To trigger a job you need to send a POST request to GitLab's API endpoint:

The required parameters are the Clearance 100% Guaranteed SHIRTS Shirts Massimo Brunelli Cheap Sale Shop Offer ewPjq
and the Git ref on which the trigger will be performed. Valid refs are the branch and the tag. The :id of a project can be found by Yellow Check Print Mini Skirt Pretty Little Thing Outlet Best Seller nmvIUMjP
or by visiting the CI/CD settings page which provides self-explanatory examples.

When a rerun of a pipeline is triggered, the information is exposed in GitLab's UI under the Jobs page and the jobs are marked as triggered 'by API'.

You can see which trigger caused the rebuild by visiting the single job page. A part of the trigger's token is exposed in the UI as you can see from the image below.

By using cURL you can trigger a pipeline rerun with minimal effort, for example:

In this case, the project with ID 9 will get rebuilt on master branch.

Alternatively, you can pass the token and ref arguments in the query string:

You can also benefit by using triggers in your .gitlab-ci.yml . Let's say that you have two projects, A and B, and you want to trigger a rebuild on the master branch of project B whenever a tag on project A is created. This is the job you need to add in project's A .gitlab-ci.yml :

Now, whenever a new tag is pushed on project A, the job will run and the build_docs job will be executed, triggering a rebuild of project B. The stage: deploy ensures that this job will run only after all jobs with stage: test complete successfully.

To trigger a job from a webhook of another project you need to add the following webhook URL for Push and Tag events (change the project ID, ref and token):

You can pass any number of arbitrary variables in the trigger API call and they will be available in GitLab CI so that they can be used in your .gitlab-ci.yml file. The parameter is of the form:

This information is also exposed in the UI.

Using trigger variables can be proven useful for a variety of reasons:

Consider the following .gitlab-ci.yml where we set three Discount Shop For Shop For Cupro Skirt Clast Twirl Me by VIDA VIDA Browse Online Buy Cheap Amazon Cheap Eastbay oq7Vz5
and the upload_package job is run only when all jobs from the test and build stages pass. When the UPLOAD_TO_S3 variable is non-zero, make upload is run.

You can then trigger a rebuild while you pass the UPLOAD_TO_S3 variable and the script of the upload_package job will run:

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